Introducing: Monday mood-lifter

Mondays are commonly accepted as the most depressing day of the week – countless songs have sung of it*, countless tweets have moaned of it, the Queen has even officially declared it** – so I have decided to create a blog series to help sufferers deal with this dreaded day.

Today I am sharing a video that will make you smile or possibly grimace and chastise me for laughing at a baby pig being treated in this manner (but I’ll still count that as half a point, after all, you’ll have forgotten it’s Monday for at least 59 seconds).

I apologise in advance to all co-workers, significant others, pets and friends for showing you this. The background song is ridiculously catchy and you will sing it…. 

Enjoy and don’t think too badly of me.

*This may be an exaggeration

**I’m pretty sure this happened. It’s probably on Wikipedia or the Onion. Google it. No, wait, don’t. Just believe me.


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